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Tricia Stuart


Hi, my name is Tricia and I have been a Midwife since 1999. Prior to this I had been nursing since 1987 mainly focusing in paediatrics. I have worked in the public health system as a Midwife for numerous years with the most recent position being at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital Birth Centre.  I have been a supporter of homebirth since my student midwifery days and have attended homebirths and homebirth conferences since 1999.  I have been back up Midwife for colleagues at numerous homebirths and after the inspirational birth of my granddaughter in 2005 realised it was time to provide genuine women-centered care.  I began my full time Private Practice in 2008.

I am the mother of two adult children and Abuela, (Spanish for grandmother), to four grandchildren, three of whom I have had the honour to help into the world.  I firmly believe in birth as a natural process and a right to every woman.  My move into the community has been strongly influenced by powerful women that I have had the privilege to work with.  Unfortunately, to this day, I feel the health system refuses to acknowledge women’s rights to choose how, when and where to birth.   I endeavour to empower, support and prepare women to enable them to have the birthing experience and outcome they desire, in the environment they choose to be in.

 I am a member of the Australian College of Midwives, New Zealand College of Midwives, Midwives in Private Practice and Home Midwifery Association. I am also a member of Maternity Coalition and an Australian wide support group of Independent Midwives known as The Australian Society of Independent Midwives and Australian Private Midwives Association.  For any further information about any of these associations please do not hesitate to ask.